ScrewSaver Watch ER16 Collet Screwdriver Sharpener Micro Blade .020 Diam/ 001"±

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The first photo in the listing shows what is included with this sale. This is the ER-16 collet chuck accessory for the Screw-Saver Pro Essential. ER-16 collets are common and can hold round screwdriver shafts from .020" up to .413" and Square & Hex screwdriver shafts up to 5/16". This allows the user to use any driver shaft style to perfectly shape drivers for slotted, hex and square drive type screws. The other photos represent uses for the chuck (no collets are included). The extra items in following photos are for illustration only. This introductory sale price is below cost - price will be $209.00 when sale expires. If also buying the Screw-Saver Pro Essential and ER-16 chuck we will ship all in one box.

Screw-Saver was invented to quickly and easily enable a user to make precisely fitting screwdrivers for hex drive and slotted screws to avoid buggered screws. Hex-Allen Drivers and Hex-Allen Socket Screws are notorious for sloppy manufacturing tolerances which are the primary cause of stripping. The solution to both problems is making your own drivers with ScrewSaver. Please read the entire listing as this machine performs a task that has never before been available.

Designed for the discerning user:

The fields of firearms, horology and metrology which are infamous for non-standard proprietary screw slot sizes. Screwdriver sets for gunsmiths are pricey, break, and contain only the "popular" sizes. Driver sets for slots less than .020" are non-existent due to breakage. There are hundreds of proprietary slot sizes for which no driver is available. As a result many screws are ragged up by a misfitting store bought driver or poorly shaped and burned drivers ground by hand. A friend, a certain member of a prominent gunmakers guild, and among very best makers of hand ground screwdrivers was amazed how much accuracy increased, burning eliminated, and parallel in 3 planes while grinding a .005" blade when using the Screw-Saver. Screw-Saver eliminates all those issues; sloppy fit, burning, not parallel, and availability of the proper driver. Perfect drivers can be ground from any screwdriver or hex bit. Gunsmiths, Horologists, Metrologists have need of precision slotted flat screwdrivers to eliminate damage and preserve the aesthetics of fine mechanisms. Slotted/Flat screwdrivers can be ground to .001"± accuracy.

Techs servicing robotics, RC Models, aerospace, cars, trucks, motorcycle, ORV, ATV and snowmobiles that utilize the Allen wrench, aka hex drive, who are plagued with sloppy fitting drivers can make sets of "plus size" hex drivers to eliminate stripping of hex sockets. In addition, oversized tapered drivers can be made to remove screws with wallowed out sockets negating the need to "drill them out" and risk of damaging the "seat" if drilling/machining them out. Users can also make custom length drivers from a suitable screwdriver or steel rod. Hex drivers can be ground to .002"± accuracy.

Utilizing standard carbide burrs or our proprietary purpose engineered W187 mounted points/stones, the design makes it possible to shape screwdrivers without burning the steel. An ER-16 Collet Chuck allows the user to shape drivers as small as .020", and square and hex shank drivers up to 5/16"

If sharpening very small screwdrivers you may prefer to use a small mounted point with a 1/8" shank. This requires a 1/4" to 1/8 reducing collet for use in the motor to allow using 1/8" shanks which are available from several eBay sellers, as are the ER-16 collets, see examples last 2 photos.

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