Sell Your Knife Collection

Do you have knives to sell? We meet a lot of people who have a few knives and would like to dispose of them. We also meet a lot of people who spent a lifetime collecting and have hundreds or thousands that they would like to sell. If you have some knives or a large amount that you would like to sell, then you have come to the right place.

Can you go to a bigger company to sell your knives? Certainly, but you may not be satisfied with what they are willing to offer. In this industry - knife retail - business is competitive and we do have overhead. But the bigger you go, the more things cost and the less they are willing to offer. We always get a kick out of listings in classified ads stating "will pay top dollar for your knives!" If you contact them, chances are they will pay you 10-15% of what they are worth.

Giving You a Fair Price


Knowing what knives are worth at a glance is the key to knowing what to pay for them. For large collections, for example, the buyer needs to know exactly what they are looking at. That takes experience. But added to that experience needs to be appreciation for the work that went into building that collection. That work deserves a fair offer.

ePrague Knives gives fair offers for your knives. If you originally paid retail price and want to get what you paid for them, then you will have to sell them on your own. As in any business, we have to make a profit, but we care about leaving you feeling good about the deal too. We consider the current market when purchasing knife collections and always offer what we think is a fair price in the current market.

What Knives We Buy

We are interested in quality production knives and custom knives as well. We don't buy collections of knives made in China or Pakistan. Craigslist is a good option for this type of collection. Don't worry if you have a few China or Pakistan in there, that's ok. We just don't want collections entirely made up of these types of knives. But if you have Case XX, Kershaw, Buck, SOG, Imperial, Puma, Cattaraugus, Frost and Parker Japanese knives, Western, Boker, Cold Steel, Gerber, Ka-Bar, Schrade, Fury, Condor, Benchmade, Randall, and other similar production knives or custom knives we will buy them.

Contact to Sell

Knife collections can be daunting to sell, we will help you do so in a satisfactory manner. Please use the form below to contact us about your knives. Most collections are purchased as described below, but for very large collections we may travel to appraise the knives and make the offer.

How it Works

  • Use the contact form to let us know you would like to sell your knife/knives.
  • We will reply and request photographs and a list of each knife brand and model with condition and whether or not it comes with the original box/packaging
  • We will respond after reviewing the photos and list and if we are interested will make you an offer.
  • You send us the knife/knives
  • On the same day that we receive them we will mail you a check (provided that the condition is as described).